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  • We specialise in Captive Bred Tortoises
  • All legal Licences will be provided (where applicable)
  • 2 Month Guarantee on all tortoises

When deciding to buy a tortoise for the first time it can be a very confusing and frustrating experience. You will probably find all kinds of conflicting information on their care requirements.

Don’t be fooled into buying a tortoise from a company just because the price of their tortoises seem cheap, as often it can be false economy once you have bought the equipment to go with it, not to mention the probability of hefty vet bills due to the tortoises being ill or having been kept in poor conditions.

Here at TORTOISE HOME FARM we have a vast amount of experience and knowledge spanning over two decades, and with the risk of blowing our own trumpet, we can guarantee that our advice and husbandry is the very best that you’ll find. We will not try to sell you unnecessary equipment nor will we push you into buying a tortoise which we don’t think is suitable for you to keep. However, we will give you unlimited amounts of advice whenever you should need it, not just before you buy but also for a lifetime thereafter.

We are very pleased to say that we have another excellent  Breeder of Marginated tortoise. We work very closely with the new breeder as well as our other existing Breeders in TOGO, so we can bring you the best of Captive Bred Tortoises.
TORTOISE FARM and staff genuinely care about the health and welfare of their tortoises and are not simply out to make a quick profit.

To give our customers complete peace of mind we;

  • Only sell Captive Bred tortoises, not wild caught
  • Give a 2 month guarantee against death from any illness
  • Supply the correct legal paperwork (CITES, HEALTH CERTIFICATE, MICRO-CHIPPED)
  • Offer free advice for life for a tortoise purchased from us

To ensure that our tortoises are in the very best health possible within our control, we;

  • Keep them in accommodation of the highest standards
  • Feed them the best possible natural diet
  • Hibernate them in strict temperature controlled environments

To limit the possibilities of disease we;

  • Never keep different species together
  • Only keep a small number of tortoises in each pen
  • Use disposable latex gloves between entering each separate pen
  • Walk through disinfecting dip trays between pens

Never purchase a tortoise from a person or company who;

Can’t supply you with legal documentation
(Certain CITES registered species need licences)

Sells other reptiles
(Due to high risk of cross contamination)

Sells vivariums or tanks as suitable tortoise enclosures
(This shows a lack of tortoise knowledge as vivariums and tanks are totally contradictory with regards to the tortoise’s health and wellbeing)

Sells heat mats for tortoises
(This shows a lack of tortoise knowledge, as heat mats are not suitable for tortoises)

Sells tortoise pellet food
(Pellets are far too high in protein and are extremely addictive to the tortoise. Pellets are the worst culprits for causing Metabolic Bone Disease)

Tells you not to hibernate a tortoise until it’s “X” amount of years old
(This is the quickest way to shorten your tortoise’s life. Sadly, the above statement is preached far too often by people claiming to be “tortoise experts”)

Tells you not to put the tortoise outdoors until it’s “X” amount of years old
(We’ve heard this statement dozens of times and it never ceases to amaze us. Anybody telling you this has no tortoise knowledge in the slightest)

Tells you it’s ok to keep different species of tortoise within the same housing
(A real recipe for disaster. Anyone who is happy to sell you a different breed of tortoise to cohabit with another is purely thinking of profit and not the tortoise’s welfare)

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