Radiated Tortoise For Sale.

Radiated Tortoises ( Astrochelys radiata ) For Sale

Colour: Black, Brown, Tan, Yellow
Skin Type: Scales
Size (L): 30cm – 41cm (12in – 16in)
Weight: 2.2kg – 16kg (4.9lbs – 35lbs)
Top Speed: 0.5kph (0.3mph)
Diet: Herbivore
Sizes available:
Baby sizes: 8 cm to 12 cm
Adults size: 30 cm to 41 cm

Radiated Tortoises, Found only in the woodlands, dry scrub and thorn brush of the Antandroy Territory, in southern Madagascar, the Radiated Tortoise is one of the world’s rarest. This species owes it’s present day survival to the Antandroy people who have honored and revered these tortoises for centuries, and will not disturb them under any circumstances.

Radiated Tortoises (Geochelone radiata) are herbivores, feeding on grasses, cactus and most vegetables. Melon and red foods are favorites. Our well started juveniles readily eat tortoise diet, vegetables and greens. With one of the most impressive high domed shells in the tortoise world, Radiated Tortoises can reach up to 15 inches, with most breeding starting at 13+ inches.

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