Giant Aldabra Tortoise For Sale

Aldabra Tortoise ( Aldabrachelys gigantea or Geochelone gigantea ) For Sale
Colour: Black, Brown, Tan
Skin Type: Scales
Size (L): 90cm – 120cm (3ft – 4ft)
Weight: 150kg – 250kg (330lbs – 550lbs)
Top Speed: 0.5kph (0.3mph)
Diet: Herbivore
Prey: Grasses, Leaves, Flowers
Predators: Giant Crab, Humans, Cats

Sizes available
Baby sizes: 8 cm to 20 cm
Sub adult size: 25 cm to 50 cm
Adults size: 55 cm to 110 cm


Aldabra tortoises, Geochelone gigantea (meaning“huge land turtle) are the world’s second largest living tortoise species. Found only in the Indian Ocean, on the coral- limestone Aldabra Atoll. A colony was reintroduced to the Seychelles islands in the late 1970’s as a tourist attraction. The original Seychelles Giant Tortoises had been eaten out of existence by the end of the nineteenth century. Aldabra Tortoises thrive in grasslands, mangrove swamps and costal dunes; and enjoy mud wallows and ponds to beat the heat. Shade is also important for Aldabra Tortoises.

Aldabra’s are primarily vegetarian, but will eat meat/carrion when available. Their main diet consists of grasses, dark leafy greens (e.g. dandelions, mustards, collards, turnips, kales), occasionally pears, carrots, peaches, apples, beans, peas, almonds and tomato’s – red foods are a favorite.

Truly a dinosaur of the tortoise world, in warmer months plan to give them land. Aldabra Tortoises are shy at first, but soon become accustomed to their keepers. Juveniles grow quickly at first, and need good sized pens both indoors and out. A wonderful addition for keepers able to devote space to keep a very rare and interesting animal. Aldabra Tortoises develop very distinctive personalities and become more like family members as they get older. Several Aldabra tortoise recorded specimens have lived over 200 years.